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MS Visual C express 2005 installation.

Although C is a programming language invented in the years 70s it continues being one of the languages more used for the creation of systems and current commercial applications. It is also the most appropriate programming language for electronic.

Another important factor to still use this old language is that the current uC can also be programmed in C, for example with the “C18”compiler, official and gratuitous tool of Microchip. A good alternative for the most complex programs.


Why to use MS VC express 2005 for electronic:

Before anything else, it is free, there is only that regitrarse. What allows us to use a program with few limitations in a legal way.
  • It is what is using Microchip in their example applications for PC that interact with some of their microcontrollers or boardas through the USB port. Even until the last one “MAL” V2013-02-15 (MAL=Microchip Application Library).
  • It is one of the compilers with those we can create DLL files for Labview.



These steps were executed in Windows XP.
1.    Download installer file and execute it.
2.    Register software.
3.    After installing VC express 2005, to be able to compile the examples of Microchip, we should also install 2 complements:
  • windows server 2003 R2 sdk
  • windows driver kit 7(WDK)

They can be downloaded in:



In the case of the ISO image file you can extract with “7 ZIP”.
  • windows server platform 2003 sp1 is older than windows server 2003 R2 sdk
  • wdk 8 is not for XP


Configure folders:

1.    In the menu Tools of Visual Studio, select Options. The dialogue box Options will appear.
2.    In the dialogue box Options, expand the "Projects and solutions" node and select "VC++ Directories".
3.     In this section, add the following access routes to the appropriate sub-section. The sub-section is changed in the “combo box” marked up to the right.
  • Executable files: C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKBin
  • Include files:      C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKinclude
  • Library files:      C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKlib


    The location could be different in your system.

4.      Upgrade the file “corewin_express.vsprops” located in:

C:Program filesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8VCVCProjectDefaults

and change the next string:



    AdditionalDependencies="kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib winspool.lib comdlg32.lib advapi32.lib shell32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib uuid.lib"

5.    Upgrade the file default.js located in:

C:Program filesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8VCVCWizardsAppWizGenericApplicationscripts3082


and comment the following line adding to the beginning “/ /”:

    LinkTool.AdditionalDependencies = "kernel32.lib $(NoInherit)";


    // LinkTool.AdditionalDependencies = "kernel32.lib $(NoInherit)";

Running DOS games in Windows XP.


For several technical reasons, the programs made for the DOS operating system don't run in Windows XP or superior systems.

We are talking about games made for PC, for what don't serve the console emulators neither of arcade machines. You do can use an DOS emulator  like “DOSBOX”.

After installing “DOSBOX” you have to “mount” the folder where is the file that we want to execute in a virtual unit, to which we assign it a letter and then to execute some commands in the command line that is like the DOS system was used.

For example I installed the game Aladdin in a folder with the same name in the root directory of the disc C:

mount x c:aladdin



It is not easy to remember so is better to save these commands in the configuration file of DOSBOX called “dosbox.conf” so that they are executed at the beginning of DOSBOX. I also added a command for the screen size and to leave the emulator and to return to Windows. It is necessary to add all these commands at the end of the file after the line:

“# Lines in this section will be run at startup.”

It is this way:

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.

mount x c:aladdin





Netbook Samsung N145 Windows XP drivers.

As all the computers that are sold at the moment, my netbook Samsung N145, bought in January of the 2011, comes with Windows 7 installed. After using it for almost 1 week I found quite good, the speed even found it similar to Windows XP.

For a common user I don't find any reason to change it, we should also have present that the technical service doesn't make support to equipments that have operating systems or versions different to the original one.

Regrettably the case of who we design electronic circuits at home is very different, because we depend on the CAD applications that we can get in a gratuitous way and that works fine:

  • To draw and to capture schematic.
  • To design printed circuit boards.
  • To simulate microcontrollers programs.
  • To simulate hardware.
  • To draw flow diagrams, etc.

It is so we still maintain versions of applications for Windows XP and even Windows 98.

There are some tutorials in Internet to install Windows XP in another partition in a computer that already has installed Windows 7. The procedures are not so simple and the one that I proved didn't work. Another option is the way called “Virtualización” of Windows 7 that it allows to emulate Windows XP, but is not implemented in basic versions: Windows 7 Starter neither Windows 7 Basic.

Good for all this I saw myself in the obligation to eliminate Windows 7 Starter and to install Windows XP. Already before choosing the computer I made sure it had available, in the manufacturer's page, Windows XP drivers.

I leave them the link where I downloaded those that work OK:





The wireless net card driver got it from a Samsung N150 that originally comes with Windows XP. It is trade Atheros so that the previous link should work.


It is this way as the XP Windows Device manager recognizes them:

Video adapter:

Intel(R) Graphic Media Accelerator 3150

Network adapter:

Atheros AR9285 Wireles Network Adapter

Marvell Yukon 88E8040 Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller

Video sound and game devices:

Realtek High Definition Audio

To get work the function Fn key (blue color) quick accesses :

To increase or to diminish brightness.

To increase or to diminish volume, etc.

We should install the software “Easy display manager”.