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Compatible Microchip PICDEM FS USB evaluation board.

Compatible Microchip PICDEM FS USB evaluation board with PIC18F4550 microcontroller.
It allows C language programs and tests with
USB sample applications from Microchip page:
Keyboard, Joystick, USB to RS232 converter, etc..
Applications are programed easily from the computer to the microcontroller via USB, no need programmer, through "Bootlader"
program included in the microcontroller.
Not includes external power inputs. Powered directly from the USB port.
Not includes temperature sensor.
$ 50,000 + tax. (Chile)


Power load.

We know that if we are testing power circuits such as power supplies, DC/DC converters, battery chargers, etc, may have no fault with low currents. We must demand its maximum rated current.
This board "Power load" carries a current up to 7A and is designed to provide resistance values ​​suitable for use with voltages of 5, 12 and 24V. The change in resistance value is done changing the of leads.

$80.000 + impuesto. (Chile)



Special electronic circuits design upon request.

  • Software and PIC microcontrollers programming.
  • PIC18 Bootlader programing
  • PCB design, urgent prototype manufacture, Analog And Digital circuits.
  • Electronic and PIC microcontrollers trainings.
  • university graduate technician.
  • Minimum cost: projects: $ 80,000 + components and tax. (Chile)
  • PCB Manufacturing: $ 20,000 + tax. (Chile)

Warning: do not develop tasks students, only consulting.

Contact:  m.pacheco@microspec.cl