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Daewoo Racer service manual.


It is very difficult to investigate a fault in a car without a service manual for many reasons: the individual wires come together in bundles that disappear into the chassis. Faults are delivered through error codes, etc.

So here is a summarized Daewoo Espero service manual. The electric circuit is very similar to the Daewoo Racer so serves well as a guide. Connections matchs on the computer and even the colors of the wires of nearly all sensors. He has done much to repair my Racer 95.
I summarized it because it contained circuits information repeated several times for each engine version, which made ​​it more cumbersome to consult. I left a single engine version.
Daewoo Racer service manual (Spanish):

Daewoo Racer ignition module.


Alternate Daewoo ignition module.

From what I've seen on the internet and talked to some owners of Daewoo Racer, the ignition module failure is one of the known typical failures of Daewoo Racer. Perhaps the most frequent.
I did not have any problems with it until 2010, my Racer is 95, so I still had the original module. Unfortunately after repairing the engine cylinder head the mechanic let loose ground connection of the distributor, through which ground the ignition module. After weeks with severe problems (loss of power, rough running, RPM erratic indication) is finished burned.
Now only sell a couple of alternative brands.
I changed several times the brand "Transpo" DM1980A model, as they have lasted only one year.
So I recommend everyone go with a spare in the glove box, it is not difficult to change it and only requires a small Phillips screwdriver or can ask a mechanic to do it because it works by removing the battery more comfortable.
Think for example on holiday, on the beach or in the countryside. It might be difficult to get the ignition module and involves being "dumped".
The original is an exceptional case because it was negligence of the mechanic.
The first alternative: simply cut the engine to get to a corner and did not turn over. The starter rotates normally.
The second alternative: did not start to leave the house, starter rotates normally.
And the third: It did not start after the car was several hours at cold weather. Later as the sun, started normally.

The price: the most convenient I've seen in $8,500 (Chile).


I hope this information will serve to many people because it is a very popular car.
Location of the Daewoo ignition module in the distributor.
Alternative ignition module. Rear View.
If you want to delve into the module's operation, this is the best information I found on the web:

Download hie_gm.doc

It seems to be a solid block of ceramic, but after giving it a couple of hammering discovered that the center square is a plastic cap that is easy to remove.

Inside will see a hybrid circuit composed of an integrated circuit (IC) and a transistor:
The latter works with considerable power level so it is the prime suspect in case of failure. Its format is cropped flap TO-263 (see datasheet), but it requires soldering station to remove, and considering that would have to be imported, and the cost of the new module, not worth repair.
Alternative ignition module opened.

Alternative ignition module opened ZOOM.

What I did, as I had gathered several alternative bad modules, I removed the transistor to one that had bad IC and put it to one that had bad transistor and got it working.
The original module case is another story, another technology is not easily discernible components, it is as if the circuit built on a base with the power transistor without housing.

ZOOM original module opened.

Investigating about ignition module operation took some measurements with the engine running. Communication voltages between the ECM (Engine Control module) and the ignition module are digital signals of 5V and the voltage from the pick up (magnetic sensor) is analog.

Analog voltage from pick up.

Scales used with probe attenuated x10.
To make these measurements you can hook a thin wire in the pick up connector and reassem normally running the cable through a hole in the metal base of the distributor. This drill is to fit a guide that brings the plastic cover, so that it will not be fully seated, but works for this testing.

Inserting wires into the pick upconnector.

Measuring cable through drilling.